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Focus: Customer Value

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“Focus: Customer Value” – is the main topic of the 14th issue of our technology magazine. As the title states, everything revolves around customer value in our current issue. This is our key focus, here, and in everything we do at the HARTING Technology Group. On the following pages, we take a look at new technologies such as RFID, as well as innovative products and processes. Value added partnerships symbolize the cooperation between the Technology Group and customers that is leading to successfully deployed applications. You will find our solutions in the automotive industry, as well as in the telecommunication, microtechnology, wind power and transportation sectors. Our global activities are aptly reflected by articles from the Czech Republic, Japan, India and Great Britain. In addition to continuing to work with customers to develop solutions, HARTING is also strongly committed to defining and establishing generally accepted guidelines in standardization. In addition, the winds of change are blowing through this edition of tec.News. We are pleased that graduate engineer Aloys Wobben has agreed to write a guest contribution for our tec.News 14. The founder of the pace setting wind power plant manufacturer ENERCON GmbH presents a thought provoking account of developments and trends – national and global – under the title of “Energy Turnaround instead of Climate Change”. Be sure to read this compelling article! We hope you enjoy reading our 14th issue of tec.News. K. Jording Editorial Department


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