HARTING Technology Group

Title:  Industry Segment Manager (Machinery)_ Shanghai


Target:  Measured based on target system objectives that currently apply for market-oriented functions.


Job Responsibilities


Strategic position (external focus)

  • Integral analysis and development of a sector in the sense of the triad(potential, competition), including an implementation/market penetration strategy.
  • Has extensive knowledge of market and competition data in relevant target market.


Strategic potential (internal focus)

  • Makes the market and competition data acquired available for the production of sales concepts and business models.


Market management

  • Determines technical trends from market requirements and discusses these internally with the relevant units (GBU, TAS, etc.).
  • Possesses extensive application and product knowledge.


Sales management

  • Analyse and develop a sector integrally e.g. production machinery, system integrator and robotics.
  • Analyse the potential of the defined sectors and the offerings of the competition.
  • Selects possible key customers in the target markets on the basis of forward-looking requirement analyses.
  • Supports the local marketing activities of the LS (e.g. exhibitions, promotions etc.)


Function level

  • Directly subordinate to the Head of Market Management of the LS and reports to him/her.



  • Degree in Engineering or related
  • Strong analytical and conceptual skills
  • Minimum 5 years work experience in the related industry
  • Experience in sales and marketing
  • Business fluent English language