Modularisation is one of the basic requirements for Integrated Industry and for the changes brought about by smart factories. Smart factories signify a departure from one-time commissioning and rigid structures involving stable facility configurations.


In order to implement processes for Integrated Industry, a key requirement is the clear, automated recognition and localisation of objects. Products being manufactured as well as components must have their own identifier.


Integration takes place on different levels and is characteristic for Integrated Industry; it uses the data generated by digitisation. We aspires to make industrial production data as easy to use as possible for new services.


The ongoing digitisation of industrial production requires more and more intelligent hardware at the field level. Our modular systems support you in the decentralized collection and evaluation of data.


Industrial production becomes more intelligent and flexible. We offer you suitable solutions for specific needs.


The "plus" in connectivity bridges the gap – from social and technological megatrends to concrete products and solutions.