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Customer Testimonial - GSK CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. - Mr. Song Shi
Since we started fully making use of HARTING's connectors, our failure rate is now in a much better control. At the same time, HARTING's technical support teams support us in an efficient, professional and enthusiastic way. This makes us worry-free when choosing HARTING’s connectors.
Song Shi 宋师
GSK CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. 广州数控设备有限公司
Customer Testimonial - Sifang
HARTING grows with Sifang. We hope that our company can cooperate with HARTING for 73 more years.
Xi Shuyang
Beijing Sifang Automation
Customer Testimonial - GSK CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. - Mr. Chen Peifeng

We have been working with HARTING for over 10 years

And product quality is something we always pay attention to.

We are very pleased with the years of the cooperation with HARTING,

especially on the product quality.

Peifeng Chen - GSK
GSK CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.
Customer Testimonial - Nari-Relays

After years of cooperation with HARTING, what impresses us the most is its product quality.

And what beneficial us the most is after our products have been put into use, there are not much work for us

in after-sales.

Hu Yunpeng 胡云鹏
Nari-Relays Electric Co., Ltd南京南瑞继保电气有限公司