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Han-Eco® – high-performance plastic connectors

Han-Eco® is a modular connector that carries almost no weight. It forms an ideal solution, when it comes to the optimisation of an interface’s weight and price.

Han-Eco® includes a range of hoods and housings made of high-performance plastic. Due to their resistance to environmental impacts, the hoods and housings are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The use of plastic also brings significant weight and cost advantages over metal hoods and housings.

Han-Eco® Modular

A wide range of Han-Modular® modules can be directly inserted into the hoods and housings of Han-Eco® Modular. No screws and no tools are needed for assembly. The installation is based on a simple and reliable locking solution called "Click & Mate". This opens up a multitude of new application possibilities for plastic hoods and housings, indoor as well as outdoor.

The special feature: Compared to the equivalent counterparts within the Han® B standard, each hood/housing of the four standard sizes of Han-Eco® Modular offers enough space for one more module.

Han-Eco® A

Due to its slim design, the Han-Eco® A series offers an attractive plastic alternative for many applications. Han-Eco® A allows for an easy installation directly onto the switch cabinet wall, from inside of the cabinet, due to a timesaving rear mounting option. The holding frame with its pre-assembled inserts engages from the rear into the bulkhead mounted housing that is to be attached to the cabinet. In addition, the conventional mounting of inserts and frames from the front is still possible.

Han-Eco® B

The Han-Eco® B series forms the plastic equivalent of the standard Han® B metal housing series. Like the overall industry standard, the plastic series is available in sizes 6B to 24B. Both monobloc as well as modular inserts can be inserted, the latter in combination with the Han-Modular® hinged frame. Like Han-Eco® A connectors, Han-Eco® B enables the rear mounting of both types of inserts, monobloc and modular, into the bulkhead mounted housing.

Han-Eco® Modular: Direct integration of the modules from the Han-Modular® portfolio
Han-Eco® A: Slim design and rear mounting
Han-Eco® B: Possibility of rear mounting
Han-Eco® B: Metal and plastic versions are intermateable
Han-Eco® B: Plastic hoods/housings for Han® B monoblocks

What our customers say:

Thanks to its easy assembly handling, the lightweight Han-Eco® product family saves us installation time. Furthermore, it simplifies the connectivity of our systems. We can design individual and compact solutions by choosing from a wide range of data, signal and power modules. Thanks to the Han-Eco® connectors, locomotives are more reliable and have lower maintenance and service costs.

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Martin Štajgr
Head of Development, ČMŽO-Elektronika

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