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HARTING entered the China market since 1988 and is the global connector manufacturer awarded the CCC (China Compulsory Certification).  Today, HARTING operates in over China 21 cities including Hong Kong and Taipei, with sales headquarter and distribution hub in Shanghai.  Our Shanghai headquarter is fully equipped with key functions and drives development and operation of supply chain, marketing, human resources, engineering, sales and key account management.   

With our innovative and advanced technology of three lifelines of Data, Signal and Power for manufacturing and infrastructure development, HARTING is the connectivity market leader in serving the transportation, machinery & robotics, automation, wind energy, power generation, transmission and distribution market. HARTING is also the number one connectivity supplier in China railway industry.

China distribution hubs in Shanghai and Beijing allow HARTING to provide one stop and professional service. HARTING China has been striving for enhancing services and adding values for our customers and partners. 

HARTING is an innovative solutions partner driving forward the most important industry trends of digitization, modularisation and miniaturisation.

HARTING Production in China

HARTING established its Zhuhai production centre in 1998 and Beijing manufacturing plant commenced since 2015 with over 600 employees nowadays.  HARTING Zhuhai started as electronics and assembly factory. In 2004, product “Mini Coax” was recognized by Zhuhai Science & Technology  Bureau as “Hi-Tech Product with International Advanced Technology Grade”. 

Mini coax cable assembly combined with Mini Coax connector is an ideal solution for telecom infrastructure. In 2007, HARTING opened new factory and started to die-cast hood/housing for application of machinery, railway, energy, wind energy and automation.  Since 2010, Zhuhai provides customised solutions of industrial cable assembly and jumper cable serving the railway market.  Sooner in 2013, HARTING Zhuhai does not only supply and serve customers with full range of connectors, we also provide customised solutions of wire-harness which are widely used in wind energy industry, followed by setting up electric R&D competence.  In 2015, Beijing factory started mass production serving wind customers, automation and machinery customers with cable assemblies, harnessing.

In general, Zhuhai and Beijing manufacture heavy duty connector Han®, PCB connector: IDC (insulation displacement connectors), har-flex®, D-Sub, PushPull connectors, ethernet switches and customised solutions like connection box, kitting, cable assembly, jumper cable, cable harnessing etc, 52% of the products and services cater local demand in China and 48% is exported to worldwide.

HARTING Zhuhai Fact & Figures

HARTING Beijing Fact & Figures

Corporate Social Responsibility

HARTING has been in China for 30 years, and is well known as a caring company. We commit to the well-being and sustainable development of China society by contributing to the economy, technology, society and the environment.

HARTING cares about the community and while the pandemic is spreading in China, HARTING China helped to fight the pandemic altogether with the community. We acted fast by providing our products and connectivity solutions to our customers in order to ensure the continuous supply of anti-epidemic materials. 

More details: Racing Against the Clock to Prevent and Control the Epidemic Together, HARTING China Helps Containing the Outbreak Nationwide

HARTING Hong Kong and HARTING Zhuhai (factory) have been jointly awarded the “Hang Seng Pearl River Delta Environmental Award 2010-13, a competition organized by the Hang Seng Bank. The award acknowledges the manufacturing company’s successful environmental commitment in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region.

2006-2007: “HARTING Love Scholarship” for Jinan University, Zhuhai campus

2009-2010:  “HARTING Outstanding Students Scholarship” for Jinan University, Zhuhai campus

2010-13: Hang Seng Pan Pearl River Delta Environmental Award - Geen Medal  

2012-now: Scholarship for JinDing No. 1 Primary School in Zhuhai

2012: Golden Bee Honor Roll Listed Company Award

2014-now: Scholarship scheme, internship scheme, joint laboratory with Tongji University, Institute of Rail Transit

2014: Best Employer awarded by renowned automation media GongKong

2018: Best Employer awarded by renowned automation media GongKong

2019: “Regional Competence Service Centre” commenced in Zhuhai

2020: HARTING China helped in the fight against the pandemic

HARTING Customised Solutions (HCS)

From design, tool building to lab validation, and then component mass production to customised solutions, HARTING Zhuhai offers a “Out of one hand solution” to the customers. We have complete design capability to offer HCS total solutions, not limited to cable assembly/harness but also junction box.

Recognised the growing and complex markets demand of the Asia railway market, HARTING China has opened a new Regional Competence Service Centre in Zhuhai in November 2019, further showing our competence of providing the HARTING Customised Solutions to the customers.
More details: 
Deliver solutions on growing needs, HARTING China commences new Regional Competence Service Centre to deliver customised solutions 

HARTING China History Timeline