EDGE Computing and RFID keeps Wind Turbines turning

Offshore / Onshore Wind Turbine Maintenance

We have developed a rugged, innovative MICA® RFID technology solution for continuous drive control condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. The components within the solution are designed for a very long lifetime in the typically harsh industrial environments of onshore wind or offshore wind / tidal energy operational conditions.

The key wind farm operator benefits

  • Extend turbine lifetime
  • Reduce downtime
  • Increase service intervals
  • Save maintenance costs

Retrofitted key turbine gearbox function monitoring sensors (e.g. for vibration, noise, speed, temperature etc) can easily be interfaced to MICA® through an I/O block and ethernet switch.

The MICA®  can analyse and process the data and set up a suitable dashboard via a live feed to an appropriate local HMI or control terminal, so that a maintenance operations team are able to monitor the health of the turbine in real time and be alerted of any irregularities, thus preventing failure conditions, according to pre-defined operating limit conditions.

MICA® can also provide contact to the web to allow remote access from any location.  It can then provide links to the cloud if required for possible additional 'big data analysis'. HARTING can also ensure such remote operation remains fully cyber secure.

Implementing Industry 4.0 Solutions with MICA

This kit is a great way to investigate Industrial IoT and condition monitoring. HARTING gives you all you need to get started (hardware, software and documentation) and it all works well together brilliantly. The Bosch CISS sensors are accurate enough, and they are rugged and reliable and well-suited to condition monitoring. The Bosch app makes it easy to test out various sensor locations without having to download the data from the MICA. I am looking forward to the next release of the app, which will provide a data-logging facility. Compared with (less rugged) Raspberry Pi-based solutions, this might look high. However, in the context of looking after machines costing tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds, and the costs of lost production, I think it would be an investment well worth considering.

Steve S
Element 14 Community Member

The Harting MICA CISS Complete IIoT Starter Kit proved to be quite an impressive offering in a multitude of ways. When compared with the other embedded industrial computers and IIoT kit offerings, it was one of the only “ready-to-go” kits that I was able to find. Whereas many of the industrial computers are ruggedized x86/x86-64 PCs without consideration as to software, the MICA was instead a more complete solution featuring a containerised open-source Linux operating system with no ongoing licensing costs, a selection of freely downloadable software containers, hardened electronics with a completely passive fanless design, high EMC tolerance, industrial-grade connector and reliable IP67-rated enclosure of a compact size.

Gough L
Element 14 Community Member

It's an overall positive experience -  a high quality device made for industrial service.

Jan C
Element 14 Community Member

MICA® Explained

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