We provide connectivity solutions for transmitting power, data and signals in railway technology. Ethernet backbones and data infrastructures (e.g. for sensors and passenger information systems) are just some of the possible applications.

Machinery - Metalworking

HARTING offers electromechanical, optical and pneumatic interfaces as well as cable assemblies for tooling machines. The portfolio includes solutions for all common power, control, signal and data interconnects in a market segment that ranges from machine modules and functional units to compact machines to interlinked production systems with complex handling and robotic applications.

Machinery - Plastics

We supply standardised (e.g. EUROMAP) or customised electromechanical interfaces, components as well as cable assemblies for the transmission of data, signals and power. Our solutions enable the flexible and modular design of machinery and equipment in the plastics and packaging industries.


Miniaturisation and modularisation are the trends in robotics. HARTING supports these with highly efficient solutions. Examples are modular connectors for the transmission of power and signals between control cabinet and robot as well as easily mateable data interfaces for the robot head.

Machinery & Robotics

We provide interfaces and more for injection moulding and plastic machinery, printing machines, metal-forming machines, machine tools, as well as food processing and packaging machines. These machines supply the three industrial lifelines: data, signals and power.


The right connection technology for automation must be flexibly expandable, robust and reliable. Connectors support the modular design of manufacturing lines, helping to shorten development times, to facilitate transportation, and to simplify installation and maintenance.

Wind Energy

In the energy sector, reliable connections are critical for generation and transmission: connectors are used e.g. for connecting high current components in power generation facilities. Such connectors can handle the data and signal transmissions required for monitoring the facilities.

Energy distribution and storage

We provide robust data, signal and power interfaces for the energy distribution and storage applications with fast installation capabilities, modular designs and easy integrality to the energy management and control systems.


HARTING builds on E-Mobility, solenoid systems, mechatronics and connectivity for the market Automotive.

Agricultural technology

A robust and easy-to-use connection solution for connecting implements and other machine attachments: that is what's important in agriculture. This applies to customer-specific cable assemblies just as it does for future IoT solutions or robust connector systems with a high degree of protection.


Research plays an important role, especially in medical technology. On the basis of miniaturization, HARTING is responsible for the steady development of new products and series products.


A multitude of modern applications such as driverless transport systems, safety systems and patient monitoring systems require sensors that detect changes in the surroundings.