Using UHF RFID for tracking and identifying tools for plastics injection moulding

Anyone currently active in the field of plastics injection moulding requires more and more different moulds and tools. This creates new challenges for which solutions must be provided. Nobody wants or can afford to waste time searching for the tools they need. Such tools often cost tens of thousands of euros – a considerable investment.

No tool should be allowed to get lost. The goal must be to always know where each tool is located. An inventory and tool tracking solution is required that is both reliable and affordable.

Another danger that must be minimised is the improper use of tools. Tool components must fit together and not every tool can be used on every machine. It is often small acts of carelessness that lead to large and expensive damages. You must be sure that a machine can be started when the tool has been installed correctly and properly: so there must be a way of reliably identifying the tool in the machine.

Ha-VIS RFID4MoldTracking

Ha-VIS RFID4MoldTracking is the comprehensive solution for tracking and identifying tools in plastics injection moulding applications. It contains all the necessary components:

  • The proven RFID Reader Ha-VIS RF-R300 – with its high IP67 protection – can also be used in harsh industrial environments.
  • The Ha-VIS RF-ANT-WR24-t antenna operates at temperatures of up to 150 °C. Therefore, it can mounted precisely where reliable tool identification really matters: directly in the machine.
  • All accessories including cables, wall brackets, etc.
Compact, robust and easily integrated: the Ha-VIS RF-R300

Ha-VIS RFID4MoldTracking is a complete package for making plastics injection moulding machines UHF RFID-enabled. It is the ideal starting point for converting simple moulds into smart tools.

Tracking tools directly in the machine
Reliable at high temperatures: the Ha-VIS RF-ANT-WR24-t
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