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Speed control motors in trains is achieved using IGBT semi-conductors, which have the feature that with a very small control power they can control large loads. The signals for IGBT control are transferred, dependent upon installation and voltage requirements, using plastic optical fibres (POF). The new POF - Module considers the reconfiguration of the POF transmission path.

Features and Benefits

  • The focus here is on simplified installation, time-saving in service actions and the use of active optical cables (AOC), which make an optical line easier to handle.
  • Advantages achieved by way of “electrical connection - optical transmission" can be best used in transportation environments.

For outdoor and extremely harsh environment, EMC performance

  • Material: Die-cast aluminum alloy
  • Surface: Passivation with powder coating
  • Locking: Screw locking or toggle locking
  • Sealing: NBR
  • IP-Protection: IP 68 and IP 69K
  • Sizes: 6B, 10B, 16B, 24B and 48B

A robust and reliable jumper connectivity solution, which could be used kinds of railway transportation, like high-speed EMU, inter-city train, metro, including jumper cable and junction box. Solution can be power, network, signal and data transmission.

Strong local service and engineering capability, including conception, design, prototyping and mass production.

Professional dynamic simulation by software and lab reliability testing by the condition of 3 axis and 6 axis movement, which provides the insurance of connection safety.

Han-Eco® B

The Han-Eco® B series forms the plastic equivalent of the standard Han® B metal housing series。Like the overall industry standard, the plastic series is available in sizes 6B to 24B. Both monoblock as well as modular inserts can be inserted, the latter in combination with the Han-Modular® hinged frame. Like Han-Eco® A connectors, Han-Eco® B enables the rear mounting of both types of inserts, monoblock and modular, into the bulkhead mounted housing.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • No time-losses when introducing plastic connectors as a new standard in your production facility, since metal and plastic variants are fully intermateable
  • Saving of time and cost due to rear mounting options
  • Lightweight solutions provide stronger mechanical durability
  • Outdoor variants can meet higher environmental demands
  • Full corrosion resistance due to use of plastic housings
  • Fire-resistant according to UL94-V0

Han® 1A – small rectangle connector

The compact, robust and economical connector for controllers, small drives and control cabinets

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Uses up to 30% less space compared to Han® 3A: Compact connector for power that can be installed in the field
  • Flexible in use: Transmits data, signals and power with up to twelve contacts
  • Highly versatile: Modular system of inserts and accessories for indoor and outdoor applications (IP20/IP65)
  • Less time required for installation: Fast connection using Snap-in technology – no screws required
  • Minimum inventory needed: Clearly structured connector system based on a few basic components
  • Reduced costs: Affordable installation connectors

Han® Gigabit Module

Han Gigabit Module Cat. 7A improves data transmission security

Your benefits at a glance:

  • suitable for 10 GB Ethernet
  • Compared to the standard Cat. 6A, signal integrity has significantly improved
  • immunity to interference has increased as well