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Connectivity+: Connectivity solutions for the Future


Development engineers in the industry 4.0 era are facing new challenges. Today's smart industrial applications do not require universal solutions, the importance of modularisation, ie. customisation, has greatly increased. HARTING has always been committed to innovation. HARTING uses innovation to interpret innovation itself. Splitting requirements through modularisation allows engineers to get rid of the limitations of thinking and maintain the possibility of upgrading at any time. To this end, HARTING brings its new product har-modular® to usher in a new era of printed circuit board connectivity: cutting-edge solutions for Industry 4.0. These solutions will bring unlimited possibilities to you from the rail transit, machinery, robotics, automation and power transmission and distribution industries!

You will discover:

  • The latest connection solutions in the railway industry
  • Smart industrial applications - modular connection
  • Comprehensive connectivity solution of robotics
  • Full Ethernet-Industrial transformation requires digitalisation
  • New flexibility in the field of PCB connectors

In this web-seminar, our Management from the Germany headquarter also presented to deliver the latest products and solutions of HARTING and also answering the questions live!

Our participants from Germany include:

  • Dr.-Ing. Kurt D. Bettenhausen, our Board Member for New Technologies and Development
  • Mr. Ralf Klein, Managing Director HARTING Electronics
  • Mr. Norbert Gemmeke, Managing Director of HARTING Electric
  • Mr. Christian Schumacher, Managing Director of HARTING Customized Solutions (HCS)
  • Mr. Detlef Sieverdingbeck, General Manager Corporate Communication & Branding

HARTING contributes to railway development

High reliability, low operating and maintenance costs, simple, error-free operation, and compliance with current standards and safety regulations-these are the characteristics that operators expect when overhauling an aging fleet. The so-called "hard-wired" interface has almost no flexibility and retrofit options, and should be replaced with a connector solution that is highly flexible and optimized for space and weight. Therefore, a cost-optimized overhaul of the rail vehicle has been carried out, and due to its modular design, it provides the best conditions for future-oriented retrofits/expansion.

Connections for Smart Industries

From physical connection to data connection, HARTING connects the "last mile" of Industry 4.0. Whether it's Industry 4.0 or smart manufacturing, interconnection is one and the foundation. From the connection between the internal controller and the actuator of the machine equipment, to the machine and the machine, the entire workshop, the entire factory, and even the interconnection between the factory and the outside, communication connections are required. It can be said that only intelligent connections are possible. Realize smart manufacturing. In terms of electrical and physical connections, in addition to Han® connectors, HARTING also has PCB connectors, I/O connectors, M12/M8 connectors and bus switches. And the interconnection between the equipment, then the data connection is to realize the intercommunication between the equipment and the equipment.

Comprehensive connectivity solutions for Robotics

Miniaturization and modularization are the development trend of robotics. HARTING supports these trends with efficient solutions. For example, modular connectors used to transmit power and signals between the control cabinet and the robot, and easy-to-plug data interfaces for the robot head. HARTING provides comprehensive connectivity solutions for robots. The product covers the connection between all robot components such as main wiring and power supply, welding, chassis data interface, communication and interface, motor, system cable and wiring harness, conveyor belt, and even the internal wiring harness (electrical connection and signal connection), floor wiring ( The power and signal connection between the robot and the control cabinet), the wiring harness in the control cabinet (the power and signal connection in the control cabinet), etc.

Ethernet - Industrial transformation requires digitalisation

Ethernet has now become the main communication medium for industrial automation, and it will penetrate into the last area of ​​the automation pyramid in the future. HARTING is building the corresponding infrastructure for these developments. The goal is to provide customers with reliable, miniaturised and resource-saving connections from the cloud to each sensor. Under the situtation of complying with the IEC 63171-6 standard, HARTING has developed a single-pair Ethernet (SPE) T1 industrial interface, and carried out product development, standardisation and product portfolio structure optimisation. Only when all the necessary components and strong partners complement each other with the new physical layer, SPE would then able to achieve the technical foundation of extending the single-pair copper cable to the field application level.

New flexibility in the field of PCB connectors

By launching a new modular har-modular® connector for PCBs, the technology group can provide developers with modular construction kits with trillions of possible combinations. With the help of the online configurator, developers can select module components for data, signal and power lifelines by themselves, and combine them at will. All imaginable configurations can be ordered, starting with one piece, so as to realize the customisation and delivery of the solution. This makes it easier for the interface to adapt to the PCB layout and specific tasks, which not only saves development time, but also simplifies the process of designing new industrial equipment.


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