Products & Solutions

Cable assemblies and distribution boxes

To support this increasing demand, HARTING has developed a range of products, power distribution boxes, interconnection solutions and assembled cable sets. 

In the world of robotics, conveyer systems, assembly and handling lines, power, signal and data connectivity, are important elements for a good working automation structure. HARTING offers for a wide range of applications solid standard connectivity products but also customised solutions have become an important part of the offering to the automation market.  Over the years HARTING has become a loyal partner of the leading automation specialists in the market and has been working very closely together to create the best fitting solution for various applications.


Cable assemblies for motor controllers

Distribution boxes

Power distribution box: up to 3 branch lines and daisy chaining possibility. This distribution box is suitable for the setup of serial power bus systems and pre-defined cabling systems where more than one branch line in one place is needed.

  • Reduction of outlets numbers through 3 time branch functionality and daisy chaining option
  • Space saving construction of power distribution box for reduced height
  • Fast connection and assembly time through standardized connector range or use of pre-assembled cables
Compact 3 phase 400 V and 24 V DC distribution box

Cable assemblies

Motor cable (screened) for motors with brakes and termic device, assembled one side.

  • Various configurations for motors with and without brake & temperature protection
  • Variable lengths in decimeter gradation
  • Different cross-sections for all power classes & cable lengths
  • Halogen-free PUR outer jacket
  • Usable for drag chain applications
  • Approved plug & play solution
  • UL-approved connectors & raw cable suitable for the US market
  • According to desina standard
  • Commissioning and maintenanca without electrician
Shielded motor cable assemblies for motor controllers
Power supply cable assemblies for motor controllers

Motor cable tor motors in star connection, without brake, w/o thermistor, one-sided prefabricated.
Gare marking:

  • Power cores: black with printed number coding 1-3
  •  Protective conductor: green-yellow
  • Control cores: black, with printed number coding 5-6 and 7-8
  • 2 cores twisted in pairs with a static screen made of plastics laminated metal feil and a copper braided screen, tinned
  • Fabric
  • Tinned copper braided screening
  • Outer sheath:special PUR, with sliding ability
  • Sheath colour: orange, RAL 2003