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PCB connectors

Devices and applications are getting smaller and more compact. Therefore, HARTING offers solutions for various sizes and applications in which it is necessary to connect PCBs.

Devices and applications are getting smaller and more compact. So the circuit boards and device innards must move closer together. HARTING is responding to the trend towards miniaturisation with appropriate solutions for the various dimensions and applications that involve PCB connections. Our har-flex and har-flexicon product range provides everything from the classic DIN-41612 rail that has evolved over the years through to the very small 1.27 mm pitch solutions.

PCB connectors are, however, more than just an important interface for connecting printed circuit boards to each other within a device. Each device relies on inputs and outputs, which are normally implemented using robust, metric circular socket connectors, with RJ45 or ix Industrial. Here, the connector socket usually leads from the circuit board directly through the housing wall; it establishes an IP20-IP67 protected connection for the device interface. In addition to our classic PCB connectors, HARTING also offers a versatile range of PCB sockets for any application. All HARTING connectors for printed circuit boards can be assembled using common termination techniques.

Does your application need to be smaller, yet you have very specific dimensional expectations? Take a look at our versatile pole count availability.

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