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HARTING offers a comprehensive portfolio of tools for all relevant termination techniques and assembly steps. The portfolio ranges from simple assembly and disassembly tools, manual and semi-automatic hand tools to fully automated machines – for an efficient processing of contacts and connectors.

High-quality connectivity enabled by HARTING crimping tools

HARTING offers a comprehensive portfolio of crimping tools, ranging from simple mechanical tools to rather sophisticated crimping machines optimised for the production of high quantities. All these tools process produce crimp connections of a consistent high quality meeting the relevant standard for this area, the DIN EN 60352-2.

Using the crimping crimp technique, the conductor ends and the conductive termination area of the contacts are crimped in a way that a homogenous, electrically conductive areas is are formed. The quality of a crimp connection is determined by the stability and conductivity of the resulting compound. In addition, a perfect crimp connection is gas-tight and therefore corrosion-resistant.

Optimizing PCB connections by using press-in technology

In addition to solder, screw, crimping and cage-clamp termination technologies, HARTING offers connectors using press-in technology. In this field, HARTING has decades of experience. When applying this technology, a terminating pin is centred through a metallized hole into a circuit board. The forces exerted cause a cold welding process, at the end of which a connection is processed that is – electrically – highly conductive and gas-tight.

Since the contacts are equipped with deformable elastic press-in zones at certain positions an optimal connection is processed by pressing-in the contact into the PCB hole. HARTING offers suitable process-optimized tool systems, ranging from simple hand-lever presses to semi-automatic, servo-electrically operated press-in machines. There are large numbers of tools and tooling systems for the respective product groups.

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