Work safety, environmental and energy policy

We take our responsibility seriously

Our occupational safety, environmental and energy policy is defined by the principles of conduct in occupational and environmental protection, as well as energy efficiency in the HARTING Technology Group. It is laid down by the company management and is binding for all activities and in all sites of the HARTING Technology Group worldwide.

The HARTING Technology Group recognizes its responsibilities as an active member of society: We regard nature, society, the economy and every single company as parts of a global ecological system whose balance and biodiversity is decisive for the continuation of all life. We acknowledge, as a business enterprise, our special responsibility to maintain the health of our employees.

We are convinced that the prudent use of the free resources – air, water and land as well as flora and fauna - must be ensured with economic market instruments, and that continuous improvement can only be achieved with joint efforts. We see great entrepreneurial chances in an environmentally oriented free economic system, which also ensures the wellbeing of future generations.

As a globally active company we can only continue to remain operational and viable if we follow the goal of sustainable development in economic, ecological and social respects and as a member of society.
In recognition of this we commit ourselves to act in accordance with the following principles:

  • HARTING regards the protection of individuals and the environment as a concern of fundamental importance. The company management will regularly reassess these guidelines for occupational and environmental protection against new requirements, establish procedures for their effective translation into operational practice, and provide the means required for this.
  • HARTING strengthens the personal sense of responsibility for the environment in all employees and encourages them to notice possible environmental pollution from commercial activity and our products.
  • HARTING encourages and rewards the participation of the employees in the improvement of occupational safety and environmental performance within the Technology Group. HARTING uses a decentralized idea management for the assessment of improvements. HARTING continuously reduces the dangers and risks in production, sales, application, recycling and disposal of its products, for the protection of its employees, neighbors, customers and users, as well as the environment. Occupational, health and environmental aspects are already considered in the development of new products and production methods.
  • HARTING pays serious attention to questions and reservations of the public and other interested parties in relation to the products and company activities, and considers them constructively.
  • HARTING actively informs about the environmental effects it causes, its environmental achievements and the scope of the environmental management system and makes these topics accessible to interested parties.
  • HARTING informs its customers about the safe use, recycling and disposal of its products. We are working continuously on the expansion of our knowledge of possible effects of products, production methods and their environmental aspects on people and the environment.
  • The companies to which the HARTING Technology Group subcontracts work are obligated by HARTING to conform to the occupational, health and environmental standards.
  • HARTING is committed to the prevention of injuries and illnesses of all its employees.
  • HARTING consciously makes sparing use of resources.
  • HARTING is committed to comply with respective national legal and other requirements as well as voluntary commitments and strives throughout the entire HARTING Technology Group for a high degree of occupational safety, health and environmental protection.
  • HARTING is committed to continuously enhance its energy efficiency, occupational health and safety and environmental performance and to continuously improve the environmental and occupational health and safety management system.
  • HARTING is committed to considering energy efficiency as an important selection criterion in the procurement of products and services.

Do you have questions about the HARTING environmental policy and/or the scope of the environmental management system? Write us.

Germany: Dr. Stephan Middelkamp

UK: David Drummond

China: Catherine Xu

Switzerland: Steve Krüger

Romania: Felicia Bacila

USA: Jacob George